The brain scans revealed that seniors who reported feeling younger than their chronological age had more gray matter in key parts of their brain that typically tend to shrink as one ages. Shrinking gray matter is one sign of declining brain health, Chey noted.”People who felt younger than their age were [also] more likely to score higher on a memory test, considered their health to be better, and were less likely to report depressive symptoms,” she added. The findings held true even after accounting for a wide range of factors, including an individual’s mental health status, sense of overall well-being, and/or history of depression.

But Chey stressed that the findings are “insufficient” to prove that simply feeling young means one’s brain is biologically younger.

According to Fargo, “It’s said that age is a state of mind, but this study suggests that age is really a state of one’s brain.”

I wonder if further research is going to show that there are some who’s brains are actually younger than others, physically.

Eileen O’Donnell